A bomb (explosive device).



  • An explosive device used or intended as a weapon.
  • A failure; an unpopular commercial product.
  • A car in poor condition.
  • A large amount of money.
  • Something highly effective or attractive.
  • A cyclone whose central pressure drops at an average rate of at least one millibar per hour for at least 24 hours.
  • A heavy-walled container designed to permit chemical reactions under high pressure.
  • A great booming noise; a hollow sound.
  • A woman’s breast.
  • A professional wrestling throw in which an opponent is lifted and then slammed back-first down to the mat.
  • A recreational drug ground up, wrapped, and swallowed.
  • An act of jumping into water while keeping one's arms and legs tucked into the body, as in a squatting position, to maximize splashing.


  • To attack using one or more bombs; to bombard.
  • To fail dismally.
  • To crash.
  • To jump into water in a squatting position, with the arms wrapped around the legs.
  • To sound; to boom; to make a humming or buzzing sound.
  • To cover an area in many graffiti tags.
  • To add an excessive amount of chlorine to a pool when it has not been maintained properly.
  • To make oneself drunk.
  • To move at high speed.



  • From French bombe, from Italian bomba, from Latin bombus ("a booming sound"), from Ancient Greek βόμβος ("booming, humming, buzzing"), imitative of the sound itself. bombe. Compare boom.

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