A red-rumped swallow





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  • From Middle English swolowen, swolwen, swolȝen, swelwen, swelȝen, from Old English swelgan, from Proto-West Germanic *swelgan, from Proto-Germanic *swelganą, from Proto-Indo-European *swelk-. Cognate with Dutch zwelgen, German schwelgen, Swedish svälja, Icelandic svelgja, Old English swillan, swilian. See also swill.
  • The noun is from Middle English swelwe, swolwe, from Old English swelh, swelg and ġeswelge, both from Proto-West Germanic *swelg, *swalgi, from Proto-Germanic *swelgaz, *swalgiz. Cognate with Old English swiliġe, Scots swelch, swellie, swallie, Middle Low German swelch, Dutch zwelg, Old Norse svelgr.
  • Image:Hirundo daurica.jpg|thumb|A red-rumped swallow
  • From Middle English swalwe, swalewe, swalowe, from Old English swealwe, from Proto-West Germanic *swalwā, from Proto-Germanic *swalwǭ. Cognate with Danish and Norwegian svale, Dutch zwaluw, German Schwalbe, Swedish svala.

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