• The act of chewing; mastication with the mouth.
  • Level of chewiness.
  • A small sweet, such as a taffy, that is eaten by chewing.
  • Chewing tobacco.
  • A plug or wad of chewing tobacco; chaw or a chaw.
  • The condition of something being torn or ground up mechanically.


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  • From Middle English chewen, from Old English ċēowan, from Proto-West Germanic *keuwan, from Proto-Germanic *kewwaną, from Proto-Indo-European *ǵyewh₁-. Cognate with West Frisian kôgje, Low German käwwen, Dutch kauwen, German kauen); also Latin gingīva ("gums"), Tocharian B śuwaṃ ("to eat"), Polish żuć ("to chew"), Persian جویدن, Pashto ژول.

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