A girl thinking




  • An act of thinking; consideration (of something).


Similar words


  • From Middle English thinken, thynken, thenken, thenchen, from Old English þenċan, from Proto-Germanic *þankijaną ("to think"), from Proto-Indo-European *teng- ("to think, feel, know"). Cognate with Scots think, thynk, North Frisian teenk, taanke, tanke, tånke, Saterland Frisian toanke ("to think"), West Frisian tinke ("to think"), Dutch denken ("to think"), Afrikaans dink ("to think"), Low German denken ("to think"), dinken, German denken ("to think"), Danish tænke ("to think"), Swedish tänka ("to think"), Norwegian Bokmål tenke ("to think"), Norwegian Nynorsk tenkja ("to think"), Icelandic þekkja ("to know, recognise, identify, perceive"), Latin tongeō ("know").
  • From Middle English thinken, thynken, thenken (also thinchen, thunchen), from Old English þyncan ("to seem, appear"), from Proto-Germanic *þunkijaną ("to seem"). Cognate with Dutch dunken ("to seem, appear"), German dünken ("to seem, appear"), Danish tykkes ("to seem"), Swedish tycka ("to seem, think, regard"), Icelandic þykja ("to be regarded, be considered, seem"). More at methinks.

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