• To collide with something destructively, fall or come down violently.
  • To severely damage or destroy something by causing it to collide with something else.
  • To accelerate a project or a task or its schedule by devoting more resources to it.
  • To make or experience informal temporary living arrangements, especially overnight.
  • To give, as a favor.
  • To lie down for a long rest, sleep or nap, as from tiredness or exhaustion.
  • To terminate extraordinarily.
  • To cause to terminate extraordinarily.
  • To experience a period of depression and/or lethargy after a period of euphoria, as after the euphoric effect of a psychotropic drug has dissipated.
  • To hit or strike with force
  • To take a sudden and severe turn for the worse; to rapidly deteriorate.
  • To make a sudden loud noise.


  • From Middle English crasshen, crasschen, craschen, of uncertain origin. Perhaps from a variant of earlier *crasken, from crasen + -k; or from earlier *craskien, *craksien, a variant of craken (for form development compare break, brask, brash).
  • Of uncertain origin; perhaps compare Russian крашени́на ("coarse linen").

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