• A loud sound or part of a sound.
  • High-quality marijuana.



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  • From Middle English loude, loud, lud, from Old English hlūd ("loud, noisy, sounding, sonorous"), from Proto-West Germanic *hlūd, from Proto-Germanic *hlūdaz, *hlūþaz, from Proto-Indo-European *ḱlewtos ("heard, famous"), from Proto-Indo-European *ḱlew- ("to hear"). More at listen.
  • Akin to Scots loud, lowd, Swedish ljud, West Frisian lûd ("loud"), Dutch luid ("loud"), Low German lud ("loud"), German laut ("loud"), Irish clú ("repute"), Welsh clywed ("heard"), clod, Latin laudare ("praise"), Tocharian A/B klots/klautso 'ear', klyostär 'heard', Ancient Greek κλυτός ("famous"), Albanian quaj ("to name, call"), shquar, Old Armenian լու ("the act of hearing"), Old Church Slavonic слава ("glory"), слово, Sanskrit श्रव ("glory").
  • From Middle English loude, from Old English hlūde, from Proto-Germanic *hlūda, *hlūdô, related to Etymology 1.

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