• Easily giving way under pressure.
  • Smooth and flexible; not rough, rugged, or harsh.
  • Quiet.
  • Gentle.
  • Expressing gentleness or tenderness; mild; conciliatory; courteous; kind.
  • Gentle in action or motion; easy.
  • Weak in character; impressible.
  • Requiring little or no effort; easy.
  • Not bright or intense.
  • Having a slight angle from straight.
  • Voiced; sonant.
  • voiceless
  • palatalized
  • Lacking strength or resolve; not tough, wimpy.
  • Low in dissolved calcium compounds.
  • Foolish.
  • Of a ferromagnetic material; a material that becomes essentially non-magnetic when an external magnetic field is removed, a material with a low magnetic coercivity. (compare hard)
  • Physically or emotionally weak.
  • Incomplete, or temporary; not a full action.
  • Effeminate.
  • Agreeable to the senses.
  • Not harsh or offensive to the sight; not glaring or jagged; pleasing to the eye.
  • Made up of nonparallel rays, tending to wrap around a subject and produce diffuse shadows.
  • Emulated with software; not physically real.
  • Not likely to cause addiction.
  • Of a market: having more supply than demand; being a buyer's market.



  • Softly; without roughness or harshness; gently; quietly.


  • A soft or foolish person; an idiot.
  • A soft sound or part of a sound.


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  • From Middle English softe, from Old English sōfte, alteration of earlier sēfte, from Proto-West Germanic *samftī ("level, even, smooth, soft, gentle") (compare *sōmiz), from Proto-Indo-European *semptio-, *semtio-, from *sem-. Cognate with West Frisian sêft ("gentle; soft"), Dutch zacht ("soft"), German Low German sacht ("soft"), German sanft ("soft, yielding"), Old Norse sœmr ("agreeable, fitting"), samr. More at seem, same.

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