• Comfortable; at ease.
  • Requiring little skill or effort.
  • Causing ease; giving comfort, or freedom from care or labour.
  • Free from constraint, harshness, or formality; unconstrained; smooth.
  • Consenting readily to sex.
  • Not making resistance or showing unwillingness; tractable; yielding; compliant.
  • Not straitened as to money matters; opposed to tight.


  • In a relaxed or casual manner.
  • In a manner without strictness or harshness.
  • Used an intensifier for large magnitudes.
  • Not difficult, not hard.


  • Something that is easy



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  • From Middle English eesy, esy, partly from Middle English ese ("ease") + -y, equivalent to ease + -y, and partly from Old French aisié ("eased, at ease, at leisure"), past participle of aisier, from aise, of uncertain origin. See ease. Merged with Middle English ethe, eathe, from Old English īeþe, from Proto-Germanic *auþuz, from Proto-Indo-European *aut- ("empty, lonely"). Compare also Old Saxon ōþi, Old High German ōdi, Old Norse auðr, all meaning "easy, vacant, empty." More at ease, eath.

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