• Various sounds, usually unwanted or unpleasant.
  • Any sound.
  • Sound or signal generated by random fluctuations.
  • Any part of a signal or data that reduces the clarity, precision, or quality of the desired output.
  • Unwanted fuss or bustle; useless activity.
  • The measured level of variation in gene expression among cells, regardless of source, within a supposedly identical population.
  • Rumour or complaint.
  • Music, in general; a concert; also, a company of musicians; a band.
  • A genre of rock music that uses static and other non-musical sounds, also influenced by art rock.


  • To make a noise; to sound.
  • To spread news of; to spread as rumor or gossip.


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  • From Middle English noyse, noise, from Old French noise, of uncertain origin. According to some, from Latin nausia, nausea; according to others, from Latin noxia; but neither explanation is satisfactory in regard to either form or sense.

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