• To apply violent force to someone or something.
  • To aggressively challenge a person, idea, etc., with words (particularly in newspaper headlines, because it typesets into less space than "criticize" or similar).
  • To begin to affect; to act upon injuriously or destructively; to begin to decompose or waste.
  • To deal with something in a direct way; to set to work upon.
  • To aim balls at the batsman’s wicket.
  • To set a field, or bowl in a manner designed to get wickets.
  • To bat aggressively, so as to score runs quickly.
  • To move forward in an active attempt to score a point, as opposed to trying not to concede.
  • To accelerate quickly in an attempt to get ahead of the other riders.
  • (Of a chemical species) To approach a chemical species or bond in order to form a bond with it.


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  • Borrowed from French attaque, derived from the verb attaquer, from Italian attaccare (used in attaccare battaglia), from Frankish *stakka. attach.

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