• A violent onset or attack with physical means, for example blows, weapons, etc.
  • A violent verbal attack, for example with insults, criticism, and the like
  • An attempt to commit battery: a violent attempt, or willful effort with force or violence, to do hurt to another, but without necessarily touching the person, such as by raising a fist in a threatening manner, or by striking at the person and missing.
  • The crime whose action is such an attempt.
  • An act that causes someone to apprehend imminent bodily harm.
  • The tort whose action is such an act.
  • A non-competitive combat between two fencers.



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  • From Middle English assaut, from Old French noun assaut, from the verb asaillir, from Latin assiliō, from ad + saliō. See also assail. Spelling Latinized around 1530 to add an l.

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