• A confrontation; a dare.
  • A difficult task, especially one that the person making the attempt finds more enjoyable because of that difficulty.
  • A procedure or action.
  • The opening and crying of hounds at first finding the scent of their game.


  • To invite (someone) to take part in a competition.
  • To dare (someone).
  • To dispute (something).
  • To make a formal objection to a juror.
  • To be difficult or challenging for.
  • To claim as due; to demand as a right.
  • To censure; to blame.
  • To question or demand the countersign from (one who attempts to pass the lines).
  • To object to the reception of the vote of, e.g. on the ground that the person is not qualified as a voter.
  • To take (a final exam) in order to get credit for a course without taking it.


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  • From Middle English chalenge, variant with palatalization of Middle English kalange ("an accusation, claim"), from Old French chalenge, chalonge, palatalized Central French variants of , calonge (see Continental Norman calengier), from Latin calumnia ("a false accusation, calumny"), from Proto-Indo-European *kēl-, *ḱēl-. Cognate with Old English hol ("calumny"). calumny.

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