cricket (insect)




  • To play the game of cricket.


  • From Middle English creket, crykett, crykette, from Old French criket (with diminutive -et) from criquer, from Middle Dutch kricken, from Proto-West Germanic *krakōn, from Proto-Germanic *krakōną, related to Middle English creken, criken, all ultimately of imitative origin.
  • Compare Dutch kriek, Middle Dutch krikel, criekel, crekel (with diminituve -el), Middle Low German krikel, krekel, German Kreckel ("cricket"). More at creak.
  • Perhaps from a Flemish dialect of Dutch met de krik ketsen
  • {{cite-web
  • |date=March 2, 2009
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  • |title=Cricket 'was invented in Belgium'
  • .
  • The etymology is Unknown. A few similar words exist in Germanic languages, such as Norwegian krakk.

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