• Willing to participate.
  • That shows a tendency to continue to fight against another animal, despite being wounded, often severely.
  • Persistent, especially in senses similar to the above.
  • Injured, lame (of a limb).



  • From Middle English game, gamen, gammen, from Old English gamen ("sport, joy, mirth, pastime, game, amusement, pleasure"), from Proto-West Germanic *gaman, from Proto-Germanic *gamanÄ… ("amusement, pleasure, game", literally "participation, communion, people together"), from *ga- + *mann-; or alternatively from *ga- + a root from Proto-Indo-European *men- ("to think, have in mind").
  • Cognate with Old Frisian game, gome, Middle High German gamen, Swedish gamman, Icelandic gaman. Related to gammon, gamble.

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