• To use the mouth and lips to pull in (a liquid, especially milk from the breast).
  • To perform such an action; to feed from a breast or teat.
  • To put the mouth or lips to (a breast, a mother etc.) to draw in milk.
  • To extract, draw in (a substance) from or out of something.
  • To inhale (air), to draw (breath).
  • To work the lips and tongue on (an object) to extract moisture or nourishment; to absorb (something) in the mouth.
  • To pull (something) in a given direction, especially without direct contact.
  • To perform fellatio.
  • To be inferior or objectionable: a general term of disparagement, sometimes used with at to indicate a particular area of deficiency.


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  • From Middle English souken, suken, from Old English sūcan, from Proto-West Germanic *sūkan, from Proto-Germanic *sūkaną, from Proto-Indo-European *sewg-, *sewk-. Cognate with Scots souke ("to suck"), obsolete Dutch zuiken ("to suck"), Limburgish zuken, zoeken. Akin also to Old English sūgan ("to suck"), West Frisian sûge, sûge, Dutch zuigen ("to suck"), German saugen, Swedish suga ("to suck"), Icelandic sjúga ("to suck"), Latin sugō ("suck"), Welsh sugno ("suck"). Related to soak.

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