Solid mineral aggregate.





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Opposite words

  • stink, suck (the latter may be perceived as vulgar)

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  • From Middle English rocke, rokke, from Old English *rocc, as in Old English stānrocc, and also later from Anglo-Norman roc, roce, roque (compare Modern French roc, roche, rocher), from Medieval Latin rocca (attested 767), from Vulgar Latin *rocca, of uncertain origin, sometimes said to be of Celtic (in particular, perhaps Gaulish) origin (compare Breton roc'h).
  • From Middle English rokken, from Old English roccian, from Proto-West Germanic *rokkōn, from Proto-Germanic *rukkōną (compare obsolete Dutch rokken, Middle High German rocken, Modern German rücken, Icelandic rukka), from Proto-Germanic *rugnōną, from Proto-Indo-European *h₃ruk-néh₂, from *h₃rewk-, *h₃runk- (compare Latin runcāre, Latvian rũķēt).
  • Shortened from rock and roll. Since the meaning of rock has adapted to mean a simpler, more modern, metal-like genre, rock and roll has generally been left referring to earlier forms such as that of the 1950s, notably more swing-oriented style.
  • From Middle English rok, rocke, rokke, perhaps from Middle Dutch rocke (whence Dutch rokken), Middle Low German rocken, or Old Norse rokkr (whence Icelandic / Faroese rokkur, Danish rok, Swedish spinnrock ("spinning wheel")). Cognate with Old High German rocko ("distaff").

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