A diamond (2), (3)




  • made of, or containing diamond, a diamond or diamonds.
  • of, relating to, or being a sixtieth anniversary.
  • of, relating to, or being a seventy-fifth anniversary.
  • First-rate; excellent.


  • to adorn with or as if with diamonds


Similar words

Opposite words

  • (baseball: infield of a baseball field): outfield


  • From Middle English dyamaunt, from Old French diamant, from Late Latin diamas, from Latin adamas, from Ancient Greek ἀδάμας ("diamond"). Cognate with Spanish imán ("magnet") and diamante, French aimant ("magnet") and diamant, Italian diamante, and Portuguese ímã ("magnet") and diamante.
  • Borrowed from Dutch diamant, used by Dirck Voskens who first cut it around 1700, presumably naming it by analogy with the larger Perl.

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