• To be saturated with liquid by being immersed in it.
  • To immerse in liquid to the point of saturation or thorough permeation.
  • To penetrate or permeate by saturation.
  • To allow (especially a liquid) to be absorbed; to take in, receive. (usually + up)
  • To take money from.
  • To drink intemperately or gluttonously.
  • To heat (a metal) before shaping it.
  • To hold a kiln at a particular temperature for a given period of time.
  • To absorb; to drain.
  • to engage in sexual activity without penetration or hip thrusting (usually said of Mormons).
  • To hit or strike.



  • From Middle English soken, from Old English socian, from Proto-Germanic *sukōną, causative of Proto-Germanic *sūkaną. Cognate with Middle Dutch soken. More at suck.

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