• To sign up to have copies of a publication, such as a newspaper or a magazine, delivered for a period of time.
  • To pay for the provision of a service, such as Internet access or a cell phone plan.
  • To pay money to be a member of an organization.
  • To contribute or promise to contribute money to a common fund.
  • To promise to give, by writing one's name with the amount.
  • To agree to buy shares in a company.
  • To sign; to mark with one's signature as a token of consent or attestation.
  • To write (one’s name) at the bottom of a document; to sign (one's name).
  • To sign away; to yield; to surrender.
  • To yield; to admit to being inferior or in the wrong.
  • To declare over one's signature; to publish.
  • To indicate interest in the communications made by a person or organization.
  • To register for notifications about an event or similar.


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  • From Middle English subscriben, subskryben, from Latin subscrībō. Compare its native English equivalent underwrite.

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