• To furnish (something) with a bottom.
  • To wind (like a ball of thread etc.).
  • To establish or found (something) on or upon.
  • To lie on the bottom of; to underlie, to lie beneath.
  • To be based or grounded.
  • To reach or strike against the bottom of something, so as to impede free action.
  • To reach the bottom of something.
  • To fall to the lowest point.
  • To be the submissive partner in a BDSM relationship.
  • To be anally penetrated in gay sex.


  • The lowest or last place or position.
  • Relating to the genitals


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  • From Middle English botme, botom, from Old English botm, bodan, from Proto-Germanic *butmaz, from Proto-Indo-European *bʰudʰmḗn ("bottom"). Cognate with Dutch bodem, German Boden, Icelandic botn, Danish bund; also Irish bonn ("sole (of foot)"), Ancient Greek πυθμήν ("bottom of a cup or jar"), Sanskrit बुध्न ("bottom"), Persian بن ("bottom"), Latin fundus ("bottom") (whence fund, via French). The sense “posterior of a person” is from 1794; the “verb to reach the bottom of” is from 1808. bottom dollar is from 1882.

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