A w:Thomas Gainsboroughpainting of w:Carl Friedrich Abela man writing.



  • To form letters, words or symbols on a surface in order to communicate.
  • To be the author of (a book, article, poem, etc.).
  • To send written information to.
  • To show (information, etc) in written form.
  • To convey a fact to someone via writing.
  • To be an author.
  • To record data mechanically or electronically.
  • To fill in, to complete using words.
  • To impress durably; to imprint; to engrave.
  • To make known by writing; to record; to prove by one's own written testimony; often used reflexively.
  • To sell (an option or other derivative).


  • The act or style of writing.
  • The operation of storing data, as in memory or onto disk.


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  • From Middle English writen, from Old English wrītan, from Proto-West Germanic *wrītan, from Proto-Germanic *wrītaną, from Proto-Indo-European *wrey-. Cognate with West Frisian write, Dutch wrijten, Middle Low German wrîten (> Low German wrieten, rieten), German reißen, Norwegian rita, Swedish rita, Icelandic rita, German ritzen, Proto-Slavic *ryti, Polish ryć, Czech rýt. See also rit and rat.

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