A ballpoint pen, showing assembly.





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  • From Middle English pen, penne, from Old English penn, from Proto-Germanic *pennō, *pannijō, from Proto-Indo-European *bend-. Related to pin.
  • Sense “prison” originally figurative extension to “enclosure for persons” (1845), later influenced by penitentiary, being analyzed as an abbreviation (1884).
  • , derived from penn (see above). Akin to Low German pennen.
  • Image:Ballpoint-pen-parts.jpg|thumb|right|A [[ballpoint pen, showing assembly.]]
  • From Middle English penne, from Anglo-Norman penne, from Old French penne, from Latin penna, from Proto-Indo-European *péth₂r̥, from *peth₂- (from which petition). Proto-Indo-European base also root of *petra-, from which Ancient Greek πτερόν (whence pterodactyl), Sanskrit पत्रम्, Old Church Slavonic перо, Old Norse fjǫðr, Old English feðer (Modern English feather); note the /p/ → /f/ Germanic sound change.
  • See feather and πέτομαι for more.
  • Origin uncertain. Compare hen.

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