• To make a pop, or sharp, quick sound.
  • To burst (something) with a popping sound.
  • To enter, or issue forth, with a quick, sudden movement; to move from place to place suddenly; to dart.
  • To place (something) (somewhere); to move or position (something) with a short movement.
  • To make a short trip or visit.
  • To stand out; to be distinctive to the senses.
  • To hit (something or someone).
  • To shoot (usually somebody) with a firearm.
  • To ejaculate.
  • To remove (a data item) from the top of a stack.
  • To remove a data item from the top of (a stack).
  • To pawn (something) (to raise money).
  • To swallow or consume (especially a tablet of a drug, sometimes extended to other small items such as sweets or candy).
  • To perform (a move or stunt) while riding a board or vehicle.
  • To undergo equalization of pressure when the Eustachian tubes open.
  • To perform the popping style of dance.
  • To arrest.


  • Used to represent a loud, sharp sound, as of a cork coming out of a bottle.



Similar words

  • see the list at soda


  • From Middle English pop, poppe (> Middle English poppen), of onomatopoeic origin – used to describe the sound, or short, sharp actions. The physics sense is part of a facetious sequence "snap, crackle, pop", after the mascots of Rice Krispies cereal.
  • From papa or poppa.
  • From popular, by shortening.
  • From colloquial Russian поп and Попъ, from Old Church Slavonic попъ, from Byzantine Greek (see pope). pope.

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