• To cook something in simmering liquid.
  • To be cooked in simmering liquid
  • To trespass on another's property to take fish or game.
  • To take game or fish illegally.
  • To take anything illegally or unfairly.
  • To entice (an employee or customer) to switch from a competing company to one's own.
  • To make soft or muddy by trampling.
  • To become soft or muddy by being trampled on.
  • To stab; to pierce; to spear or drive or plunge into something.


  • The act of cooking in simmering liquid.
  • The act of taking something unfairly, as in tennis doubles where one player returns a shot that their partner was better placed to return.


  • From Middle English pochen ("to poach (eggs)"), from Old French pocher "to put (egg yolks) in pockets" (i.e. in bags formed by the whites), from Old French poche ("pocket").
  • From Old French pocher, pochier. poke.

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