Trainee cooks preparing food




  • To prepare food for eating by heating it, often combining with other ingredients.
  • To be cooked.
  • To be uncomfortably hot.
  • To execute by electric chair.
  • To hold on to a grenade briefly after igniting the fuse, so that it explodes almost immediately after being thrown.
  • To concoct or prepare.
  • To tamper with or alter; to cook up.
  • To play or improvise in an inspired and rhythmically exciting way. (From 1930s jive talk.)
  • To play music vigorously.
  • To make the noise of the cuckoo.
  • To throw.


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  • From Middle English cook, from Old English cōc, from Latin cocus, ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *pekʷ-.
  • Cognate with Low German kokk, Dutch kok, German Koch, Danish kok, Norwegian kokk, Swedish kock, Icelandic kokkur. Also compare Proto-West Germanic *kokōn.
  • From Middle English coken, from the noun cook.
  • Imitative.
  • Unknown; possibly related to chuck.

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