• The act of cooking food by baking.
  • Any of various baked dishes resembling casserole.
  • Any food item that is baked.
  • A social event at which food (such as seafood) is baked, or at which baked food is served.
  • A small, flat (or ball-shaped) cake of dough eaten in Barbados and sometimes elsewhere, similar in appearance and ingredients to a pancake but fried (or in some places sometimes roasted).


  • From Middle English baken, from Old English bacan ("to bake"), from Proto-West Germanic *bakan, from Proto-Germanic *bakaną ("to bake"), from Proto-Indo-European *bʰeh₃g- ("to roast, bake").
  • Cognate with West Frisian bakke ("to bake"), Dutch bakken ("to bake"), Low German backen ("to bake"), German backen ("to bake"), Norwegian Bokmål bake ("to bake"), Danish bage ("to bake"), Swedish baka ("to bake"), Ancient Greek φώγω ("roast").

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