• A thin slice of fried potato eaten as a snack.
  • A baked dessert made with fruit and crumb topping
  • Anything baked or fried in thin slices and eaten as a snack.


  • To make crisp.
  • To become crisp.
  • To cause to curl or wrinkle (of the leaves or petals of plants, for example); to form into ringlets or tight curls (of hair).
  • To become curled.
  • To cause to undulate irregularly (of water); to cause to ripple.
  • To undulate or ripple.
  • To wrinkle, contort or tense (a part of one's body).
  • To become contorted or tensed (of a part of the body).
  • To interweave (of the branches of trees).
  • To make a sharp or harsh sound.
  • To colour (something with highlights); to add small amounts of colour to (something).


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  • From Middle English crisp, from Old English crisp, from Latin crispus. crêpe.

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