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  • From Middle English cold, from Old English, specifically Anglian cald. The West Saxon form, ċeald, survived as early Middle English cheald, cheld or chald. Both descended from Proto-West Germanic *kald, from Proto-Germanic *kaldaz, a participle form of *kalaną, from Proto-Indo-European *gel- ("cold").
  • Cognate with Scots cald, cauld, Saterland Frisian koold ("cold"), West Frisian kâld ("cold"), Dutch koud ("cold"), Low German kold, koolt, koold, German kalt ("cold"), Danish kold ("cold"), Norwegian kald ("cold"), Swedish kall ("cold").
  • From Middle English cold, colde, from Old English cald, ċeald, from Proto-Germanic *kaldą, from Proto-Indo-European *gel-.
  • Compare Saterland Frisian Keelde, West Frisian kjeld, Dutch koude, German Low German Kolle, Koll, German Kälte, Danish kulde, Swedish köld, Norwegian kulde, Icelandic kulda.
  • From Middle English colde, from Old English calde, ċealde, from the adjective (see above).

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