warm colors





  • The act of warming, or the state of being warmed; a heating.


Opposite words


  • From Middle English warm, werm, from Old English wearm, from Proto-West Germanic *warm, from Proto-Germanic *warmaz, with different proposed origins:
  • Proto-Indo-European *gʷʰer- ("warm, hot"), related to Ancient Greek θερμός, Latin formus, Sanskrit घर्म.
  • Proto-Indo-European *wer- ("to burn"), related to Hittite and to Old Church Slavonic варити.
  • The dispute is due to differing opinions on how initial Proto-Indo-European *gʷʰ- evolved in Germanic: some think that *gʷʰ would have turned to *b, and that the root *gʷʰer- would instead have given rise to burn etc. Some have also proposed a merger of the two roots.
  • From Old English werman.

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