• To cause to be consumed by fire.
  • To be consumed by fire, or in flames.
  • To overheat so as to make unusable.
  • To become overheated to the point of being unusable.
  • To make or produce by the application of fire or burning heat.
  • To injure (a person or animal) with heat or chemicals that produce similar damage.
  • To cauterize.
  • To sunburn.
  • To consume, injure, or change the condition of, as if by action of fire or heat; to affect as fire or heat does.
  • To be hot, e.g. due to embarrassment.
  • To cause to combine with oxygen or other active agent, with evolution of heat; to consume; to oxidize.
  • To combine energetically, with evolution of heat.
  • To write data to a permanent storage medium like a compact disc or a ROM chip.
  • To betray.
  • To insult or defeat.
  • To waste (time); to waste money or other resources.
  • In certain games, to approach near to a concealed object which is sought.
  • To accidentally touch a moving stone.
  • In pontoon, to swap a pair of cards for another pair, or to deal a dead card.
  • To increase the exposure for certain areas of a print in order to make them lighter (compare dodge).
  • To be converted to another element in a nuclear fusion reaction, especially in a star.
  • To discard.
  • To shoot someone with a firearm.
  • To compromise (an agent's cover story).
  • To blackmail.


  • From Middle English bernen, birnen, from Old English birnan ("to burn"), metathesis from Proto-West Germanic *brinnan, from Proto-Germanic *brinnaną ("to burn"), from Proto-Indo-European *bʰrenw- (compare Middle Irish brennim ("drink up"), bruinnim), present stem from *bʰrewh₁-, *bʰru- (compare Middle Irish bréo ("flame"), Albanian burth ("{{taxlink"), mouth burning}}, Sanskrit भुरति ("moves quickly, twitches, fidgets")). More at brew.
  • From Middle English burn, bourne, from Old English burne, burna, Proto-West Germanic *brunnō, from Proto-Germanic *brunnô, *brunō. Cognate with West Frisian boarne, Dutch bron, German Brunnen; also Albanian burim ("spring, fountain"), Ancient Greek φρέαρ ("well, reservoir"), Old Armenian աղբիւր ("fount"). bourn. More at brew.

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