• A piece or lock of curling hair; a ringlet.
  • A curved stroke or shape.
  • A spin making the trajectory of an object curve.
  • Movement of a moving rock away from a straight line.
  • Any exercise performed by bending the arm, wrist, or leg on the exertion against resistance, especially those that train the biceps.
  • The vector field denoting the rotationality of a given vector field.
  • The vector operator, denoted \rm{curl}\; or \vec{\nabla}\times\vec{\left(\cdot\right)}, that generates this field.
  • Any of various diseases of plants causing the leaves or shoots to curl up; often specifically the potato curl.
  • The contrasting light and dark figure seen in wood used for stringed instrument making; the flame.
  • A pattern where the receiver appears to be running a fly pattern but after a set number of steps or yards quickly stops and turns around, looking for a pass.


  • To cause to move in a curve.
  • To make into a curl or spiral.
  • To assume the shape of a curl or spiral.
  • To move in curves.
  • To take part in the sport of curling.
  • To exercise by bending the arm, wrist, or leg on the exertion against resistance, especially of the biceps.
  • To twist or form (the hair, etc.) into ringlets.
  • To deck with, or as if with, curls; to ornament.
  • To raise in waves or undulations; to ripple.
  • To shape (the brim of a hat) into a curve.


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  • From metathesis of Middle English crulle, from Middle Dutch crul, crulle, ultimately from Proto-Germanic *kruzlǭ, of unknown origin.
  • Cognate with Saterland Frisian Krulle, West Frisian krul, Dutch krul, German Low German Krull, dialectal German Krolle, Danish krølle, Norwegian krull. Related also to Saterland Frisian Kruus, German kraus, Swedish krusa. Compare also Gothic 𐌺𐍂𐌹𐌿𐍃𐍄𐌰𐌽.

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