• Rigid; hard to bend; inflexible.
  • Inflexible; rigid.
  • Formal in behavior; unrelaxed.
  • Harsh, severe.
  • Painful as a result of excessive or unaccustomed exercise.
  • Potent.
  • Dead, deceased.
  • Erect.
  • Having a dense consistency; thick; Difficult to stir.
  • Beaten until so aerated that they stand up straight on their own.
  • Of an equation: for which certain numerical solving methods are numerically unstable, unless the step size is taken to be extremely small.
  • Keeping upright.
  • Of a shot: landing so close to the flagstick that it should be very easy to sink the ball with the next shot.
  • Delivered more forcefully than needed, whether intentionally or accidentally, thus causing legitimate pain to the opponent.




  • From Middle English stiff, stiffe, stif, from Old English stīf, from Proto-Germanic *stīfaz (compare West Frisian stiif,
  • Dutch stijf, Norwegian Bokmål stiv, German steif), from Proto-Indo-European *steypós (compare Latin stīpes, stīpō, from which English stevedore).

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