• To exercise authoritative control over; to tell (someone) what to do, often repeatedly.
  • To decorate with bosses; to emboss.



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  • From Dutch baas, from Middle Dutch baes, from Old Dutch *baso, from Proto-Germanic *baswô, masculine form of Proto-Germanic *baswǭ. Cognate with Middle Low German bās ("supervisor, foreman"), Old Frisian bas ("master"), hence Saterland Frisian Boas, Old High German basa ("father's sister, cousin"), hence German Base.
  • Originally a term of respect used to address an older relative. Later, in New Amsterdam, it began to mean a person in charge who is not a master. The representation of Dutch -aa- by English -o- is due to the older unrounded pronunciation of this letter, which is still used in North America and parts of Ireland, but was formerly found in some British accents as well.
  • The video game sense is borrowed from .
  • From Middle English bos, bose, boce, from Old French boce, from Frankish *bottja, from Proto-Germanic *bautaną. beat; see there for more.
  • Apparently a corruption of bass.

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