• A set of draught animals, such as two horses in front of a carriage.
  • Any group of people involved in the same activity, especially sports or work.
  • A group of animals moving together, especially young ducks.
  • A royalty or privilege granted by royal charter to a lord of a manor, of having, keeping, and judging in his court, his bondmen, neifes, and villains, and their offspring, or suit, that is, goods and chattels, and appurtenances thereto.
  • A group of people who favor one side of a binary debate that is divided and lacks a well-established clear consensus.



  • From Middle English teme, from Old English tēam ("child-bearing, offspring, brood, set of draught animals"), from Proto-Germanic *taumaz ("that which draws or pulls"), from Proto-Germanic *taugijaną, *tugōną, *teuhōną, *teuhaną, from Proto-Indo-European *dewk- ("to pull, lead"). Cognate with Scots team, teem, West Frisian team ("bridle, team"), Dutch toom ("bridle, reins, flock of birds"), German Zaum ("bridle"), Norwegian tømme ("bridle, rein"), Swedish töm ("leash, rein"). More at teem, tie, tow.

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