• To provide or decorate with a tuft or tufts.
  • To form into tufts.
  • To secure and strengthen (a mattress, quilt, etc.) with tufts.
  • To be formed into tufts.


  • From Middle English tuft, toft, tofte, an alteration of earlier *tuffe (> Modern English tuff), from Old French touffe, tuffe, toffe, tofe (modern French touffe), from Late Latin tufa ("helmet crest") (near Vegezio), from Germanic (compare Old English þūf ("tuft"), Old Norse þúfa ("mound"), Swedish tuva ("tussock; grassy hillock")), from Proto-Germanic *þūbǭ ("tube"), *þūbaz; akin to Latin tūber ("hump, swelling"), Ancient Greek τῡ́φη ("cattail (used to stuff beds)"). Equivalent to tuff.

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