a bunch of grapes




  • To gather into a bunch.
  • To gather fabric into folds.
  • To form a bunch.
  • To be gathered together in folds
  • To protrude or swell


Similar words


  • From Middle English bunche, bonche, of uncertain origin.
  • Perhaps a variant of *bunge (compare dialectal bung), from Proto-Germanic *bunkō, *bunkô, *bungǭ, from Proto-Indo-European *bʰenǵʰ-, *bʰéng̑ʰus. Cognates include Saterland Frisian Bunke, West Frisian bonke, Dutch bonk, Low German Bunk, German Bunge, Danish bunke, Faroese bunki; Hittite, Tocharian B pkante ("volume, fatness"), Lithuanian búožė ("knob"), Ancient Greek παχύς ("thick"), Sanskrit बहु ("thick; much")).
  • Alternatively, perhaps from a variant or diminutive of bump (compare hump/hunch, lump/lunch, etc.); or from dialectal Old French bonge ("bundle") (compare French bongeau, bonjeau, bonjot), from West Flemish bondje, diminutive of West Flemish bond ("bundle").

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