• To become bigger, especially due to being engorged.
  • To cause to become bigger.
  • To grow gradually in force or loudness.
  • To cause to grow gradually in force or loudness.
  • To raise to arrogance; to puff up; to inflate.
  • To be raised to arrogance.
  • To be elated; to rise arrogantly.
  • To be turgid, bombastic, or extravagant.
  • To protuberate; to bulge out.





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  • From Middle English swellen, from Old English swellan ("to swell"), from Proto-Germanic *swellaną ("to swell"), of unknown origin. Cognate with Old Frisian swella, Low German swellen, Dutch zwellen ("to swell"), German schwellen ("to swell"), Swedish svälla ("to swell"), Icelandic svella. The adjective may derive from the noun.
  • From Middle English swelle, from the verb swellen (modern swell).
  • From the noun "swell" (a person dressed in an elegant manner).

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