• To produce new shoots from the root or from around the bottom of the original stalk; stool.


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  • From Middle English tilier; equivalent to till + -er.
  • From Middle English telȝre, telgra, from Old English telgor, telgra, telgre (also telga, telge (whence tillow)), from Proto-Germanic *telgô, *telgǭ, *telguz, from Proto-Indo-European *delgʰ- ("to split, divide, cut, carve"). Cognate with Dutch telg ("descendant, scion, offshoot, shoot"), Dutch Low Saxon telge ("twig, branch"), German Zelge ("twig, branch, bough"), Swedish telning ("branch, scion, sapling"), Icelandic tág ("willow-twig").
  • From Middle English teler, from Anglo-Norman telier ("beam used in weaving"), from Medieval Latin telarium, from Latin tēla ("web").

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