Similar words

  • til , 'til , until


  • From Middle English til, from Northern Old English til, from or akin to Old Norse til; both from Proto-Germanic *til, from Proto-Germanic *tilą. Not a shortening of until; rather, until comes from till with the prefix un- also found in unto. Cognate with Old Frisian til, Danish til, Swedish till, Icelandic til. Also related to Old English til, German Ziel, Gothic 𐍄𐌹𐌻.
  • From Middle English tylle, possibly from Middle English tillen from Old English *tyllan (as in betyllan and fortyllan; related to *tollian > Middle English tollen). Cognate with Albanian ndjell ("I lure, attract").
  • Alternatively, Middle English tylle is from Anglo-Norman tylle, from Old French tille, from Old Norse þilja ("plank").
  • From Middle English tilyen, from Old English tilian.
  • Unknown, but possibly via etymology 3 (the verb) because alluvial deposit is used as a fertilizer.
  • From Middle English tylle; shortened from lentile (English lentil).

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