• To cover the roof with straw, reed, leaves, etc.


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  • Variant of thack, from Middle English thach, from Old English þæc ("roof-covering"), from Proto-West Germanic *þak, from Proto-Germanic *þaką ("covering"), from (o-grade of) Proto-Indo-European *(s)teg- ("cover").
  • Cognate with Icelandic þak, Dutch dak, German Dach, Norwegian tak, Swedish tak, Danish tag; and with Latin toga, Albanian thak ("awn, beard, pin, peg, tassel, fringe"), Lithuanian stogas ("roof"). Related to Ancient Greek τέγος ("roof") and στέγη. See also English deech, deck.
  • From Middle English thacchen, from Old English þeċċan, þeċċean, from Proto-West Germanic *þakkjan, from Proto-Germanic *þakjaną, from Proto-Germanic *þaką (see above).
  • Cognate with West Frisian dekke, Dutch dekken, German decken, Danish tække, Swedish täcka. Alteration of vowel after Middle English perhaps due to the above noun.

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