A ship with deck numbered 8.



  • Any raised flat surface that can be walked on: a balcony; a porch; a raised patio; a flat rooftop.
  • The floorlike covering of the horizontal sections, or compartments, of a ship. Small vessels have only one deck; larger ships have two or three decks.
  • A main aeroplane surface, especially of a biplane or multiplane.
  • A pack or set of playing cards.
  • A set of cards owned by each individual player and from which they draw when playing.
  • A headline consisting of one or more actual lines of text.
  • A set of slides for a presentation.
  • A heap or store.
  • A folded paper used for distributing illicit drugs.
  • The floor.
  • The stage.


  • To furnish with a deck, as a vessel.
  • To knock someone to the floor, especially with a single punch.
  • To cause a player to run out of cards to draw, usually making them lose the game.
  • To dress (someone) up, to clothe with more than ordinary elegance.
  • To decorate (something).
  • To cover; to overspread.


  • From Middle English dekke, borrowed from Middle Dutch dec, from Middle Dutch decken, from Old Dutch thecken, from Proto-West Germanic *þakkjan, from Proto-Germanic *þakjaną. Formed the same: German Decke. thatch, and thack.
  • From Middle English dekken, from Middle Dutch dekken, from Old Dutch thecken, from Proto-West Germanic *þakkjan, from Proto-Germanic *þakjaną.

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