• A phase.
  • One of the portions of a device (such as a rocket or thermonuclear weapon) which are used or activated in a particular order, one after another.
  • A platform; a surface, generally elevated, upon which show performances or other public events are given.
  • A floor or storey of a house.
  • A floor elevated for the convenience of mechanical work, etc.; scaffolding; staging.
  • A platform, often floating, serving as a kind of wharf.
  • A stagecoach, an enclosed horsedrawn carriage used to carry passengers.
  • A place of rest on a regularly travelled road; a station; a place appointed for a relay of horses.
  • A degree of advancement in a journey; one of several portions into which a road or course is marked off; the distance between two places of rest on a road.
  • The number of an electronic circuit’s block, such as a filter, an amplifier, etc.
  • The place on a microscope where the slide is located for viewing.
  • A level; one of the sequential areas making up the game.
  • A place where anything is publicly exhibited, or a remarkable affair occurs; the scene.
  • The succession of rock strata laid down in a single age on the geologic time scale.


  • To produce on a stage, to perform a play.
  • To demonstrate in a deceptive manner.
  • To orchestrate; to carry out.
  • To place in position to prepare for use.
  • To determine what stage (a disease, etc.) has progressed to
  • To jettison a spent stage of a multistage rocket or other launch vehicle and light the engine(s) of the stage above it.


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  • From Middle English stage, from Old French estage, from Old French ester. Cognate with Old English stæþþan, Old Norse steðja, Old English stæde, stede. More at stead.

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