A map of the world.



  • A visual representation of an area, whether real or imaginary, showing the relative positions of places and other features.
  • A graphical or logical representation of any structure or system, showing the positions of or relationships between its components.
  • A function.
  • Any of various nymphalid butterflies of the genera Araschnia (especially, Araschnia levana (species)) and Cyrestis, having map-like markings on the wings.
  • The face.
  • An imaginary or fictional area, often predefined and confined, where a game or a session thereof takes place.


  • To represent by means of a map.
  • To create a map of; to examine or survey in order to gather information for a map.
  • To have a direct relationship; to correspond.
  • To create a direct relationship to; to create a correspondence with.
  • To act as a function on something, taking it to something else.
  • To assign a drive letter to a shared folder.


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  • Shortening of Middle English mappemounde, mapemounde, from Old French mapamonde, from Medieval Latin mappa mundī, compound of Latin mappa and mundus. See mop for the first component.

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