• The subjective human experience, regarded collectively. Human collective existence; existence in general.
  • The subjective human experience, regarded individually.
  • A majority of people.
  • The Universe.
  • The Earth.
  • A planet, especially one which is inhabited or inhabitable.
  • A very large extent of country.
  • A realm, such as a planet, containing one or multiple society of being, especially intelligent ones.
  • An individual or group perspective or social setting.
  • The part of an operating system distributed with the kernel, consisting of the shell and other programs.
  • A subdivision of a game, consisting of a series of stages or levels that usually share a similar environment or theme.
  • The twenty-second trump or major arcana card of the tarot.
  • A great amount.
  • Age, era.


  • To consider or cause to be considered from a global perspective; to consider as a global whole, rather than making or focussing on national or other distinctions; compare globalise.
  • To make real; to make worldly.


Narrower meaning words


  • From Middle English world, weoreld, from Old English weorold, from Proto-West Germanic *weraldi, from Proto-Germanic *weraldiz, equivalent to . Cognate with Scots warld, Saterland Frisian Waareld, West Frisian wrâld,
  • Afrikaans wêreld, Dutch wereld, Low German Werld, German Welt, Norwegian Bokmål verden, Norwegian Nynorsk verd, Swedish värld, Icelandic veröld.

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