• From Middle English thakken ("to stroke"), from Old English þaccian ("to touch gently, stroke, tap"), from Proto-Germanic *þakwōną ("to touch lightly"), from Proto-Indo-European *teh₂g- ("to touch"). Cognate with Old Dutch þakolōn ("to stroke"), Old Norse þykkr ("a thwack, thump, blow"), Icelandic þjökka, þjaka, Norwegian tjåka ("to strike, beat"), Latin tangō ("touch"). More at thwack, tangent.
  • From Middle English thacce, from thakken. See above.
  • From Middle English thak, thakk, thakke, from Old English þæc, from Proto-West Germanic *þak, from Proto-Germanic *þaką, from Proto-Indo-European *teg-.
  • Cognate with Dutch dak, Low German Dack, Danish tag ("roof"), German Dach ("roof"), Old Norse þak ("thatch, roof"). Akin to Latin toga and Ancient Greek στέγος. See also thatch, and deck.

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