A rabbit (sense 1).





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  • From Middle English rabet, rabette, from Middle French *robotte, *rabotte or Anglo-Latin rabettus, from dialectal Old French rabotte, probably a diminutive of Middle Dutch or West Flemish robbe, perhaps related to robbe, itself of uncertain origin; possibly some imitative verb, maybe robben, rubben is used here to allude to a characteristic of the animal. See rub.
  • Related forms include Middle French rabouillet and in French rabot), coming via Walloon Old French (reflected nowadays as Walloon rob├Ęte), from Middle Dutch robbe; also Middle Low German robbe, rubbe, and the later Low German Rubbe, West Frisian robbe, Saterland Frisian Rubbe, North Frisian rob, borrowed into German Robbe.
  • From Cockney rhyming slang rabbit and pork, to talk.
  • Perhaps a corruption of rabate.

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