• An item of information put into a temporary or permanent physical medium.
  • Any instance of a physical medium on which information was put for the purpose of preserving it and making it available for future reference.
  • : a disc, usually made from vinyl, on which sound is recorded and may be replayed on a phonograph.
  • A set of data relating to a single individual or item.
  • A data structure similar to a struct, in some programming languages such as C# and Java based on classes and designed for storing immutable data.
  • The most extreme known value of some variable, particularly that of an achievement in competitive events.


  • To make a record of information.
  • To make an audio or video recording of.
  • To give legal status to by making an official public record.
  • To fix in a medium, usually in a tangible medium.
  • To make an audio, video, or multimedia recording.
  • To repeat; to practice.
  • To sing or repeat a tune.
  • To reflect; to ponder.


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  • From Middle English, borrowed from Old French record, from recorder. See record (verb).
  • From Middle English recorden ("to repeat, to report"), borrowed from Old French recorder ("to get by heart"), from Latin recordārī, present active infinitive of recordor, from re- + cor.

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