• A part or snippet of something taken or presented for inspection, or shown as evidence of the quality of the whole; a specimen.
  • A subset of a population selected for measurement, observation or questioning, to provide statistical information about the population.
  • A small quantity of food for tasting, typically given away for free.
  • A small piece of some goods, for determining quality, colour, etc., typically given away for free.
  • Gratuitous borrowing of easily recognised phases (or moments) from other music (or movies) in a recording.
  • Example; pattern.


  • To take or to test a sample or samples of.
  • To reduce a continuous signal (such as a sound wave) to a discrete signal.
  • To reuse a portion of (an existing sound recording) in a new piece of music.
  • To make or show something similar to a sample.


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  • product sample


  • From Middle English saumple, sample, from Old French essample ("example"), from Latin exemplum. example, and exemplum.

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