• The state of being plural.
  • The holding of multiple benefices.
  • A state of being numerous.
  • A number or part of a whole which is greater than any other number or part, but not necessarily a majority.
  • A number of votes for a single candidate or position which is greater than the number of votes gained by any other single candidate or position voted for, but which is less than a majority of valid votes cast.
  • A margin by which a number exceeds another number, especially of votes.
  • A group of many entities: a large number.
  • A group composed of more than one entity.
  • Polygamy.
  • The condition of a single body/person displaying multiple distinct personas.


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  • plural + -ity, from Middle English pluralite, from Old French pluralité ("multitude, state of being plural"), from Latin plūrālitās.

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