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  • a lot of

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  • From Middle English many, mani, moni, from Old English maniġ, moniġ, maneġ, from Proto-West Germanic *manag, from Proto-Germanic *managaz ("some, much, many").
  • Cognate with Scots mony ("many"), North Frisian manag, manig, mäning, West Frisian manich ("some, many"), Saterland Frisian moonige ("many"), West Frisian mannich ("many"), Dutch menig ("many"), Low German männig ("Many"), German manch ("many, some") and mannig-, French maint ("many"), Russian мно́гий, Scottish Gaelic minig
  • The noun is from Middle English manye, *menye, from Old English manigeo, menigu, from Proto-Germanic *managō, *managį̄, from the same root as the determiner. Cognate with Middle Low German menige, menie, menje, Russian много.

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